Our service is to source commodities based on your demand. While traditionally raw materials are bought in huge scale values, provenance can hardly be determined and farmers share on profit is marginal. Our sourcing delivers transparent trace to the source of origin.

Only within a few years the appetite for fair, free and organic originated products increased all around the globe. Social and environmental responsibility, sustainable product cycles are no longer valueless to consumers.

Regardless if you run a deli or a coffee shop, produce or retail chocolate or cosmetics – why should you contact us? – If you answer the questions below with a "YES!"

It is our aim to trade directly with the farmers, cooperatives and communities. In open dialogs we get a deep understanding of the farmers needs and build trusted ties.

However, in some countries the export of commodities is governmental business and prices are based on the stock-market in the US or UK.

Understanding the volatile nature of this market, we offer a state-of-the art price-risk management in order to prevent losses. Read more about our Code of Conduct.

All our local farming partners are fair paid with independently negotiated prices and benefit from the Eco-Sense Products® Sustainability 3.0 approach additionally. Farmers, their cooperatives and finally the environment participate from sales of the consumer product by independent controlled projects to build up sustain facilities such as schools and maintain communities' environmental conservation and protection plans.

We would be more than happy to share our expertise – Speak with us!