Eco-Sense Products® is committed to a responsible management of resources, long-term relationships with our partners and a process to gain value at every position of the value chain.

Sustainable development is nowadays defined as an intersection of environment, economy, society and culture – the four parameters of sustainability


Although farmers are the most important link of the value chain, they are often least considered in getting a fair pay. Reasons are intermediate agents, wholesalers, inefficient logistics and certifying costs that eat up the biggest portion of their margin.

Low income, missing forecast possibilities, insecurity and dependency are the result of that practice. Due to the planning uncertainty most farmers do have no access to financing, which would enable them to naturally grow and lift from poverty and dependency.

By reducing all unnecessary intermediate stages and using a lean-logistic concept, we pay higher prices to the farmers directly and build long-term business relations. In addition farmers participate from our Sustainability 3.0 approach.

All our sourced commodities are organic certified. To put it in a nutshell, no artificial fertilizers are used and farmland is no monoculture.